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D-VINE Collagen

1/3 ★ Reducing Wrinkles & Fine Lines

★ Reducing Acnes

★ Making Skin Firmer & Elastic

★ Whitening & Brightening

★ Sun Protection

What is D-VINE

The Ultimate Skin-Healer D-VINE

D-VINE Collagen is a chewable tablet collagen supplement which is convenient for consumption.
Its main ingredients are Collagen Tripeptide (CTP), VIQUA Pomegranate Extract and HYTOLIVE Olive Polyphenol. CTP can be absorbed directly by the intestinal tract, hence giving better and faster results of collagen supplementation.
Polyphenol from pomegranate and olive extract in D-VINE are powerful antioxidant which are effective in protecting and enhancing our skin.

D-VINE Collagen Key Ingredients


D-VINE’s Collagen- Tripep20 is originated from South Korea. It is the minimum unit of collagen consist of 3 amino acids (glycine, proline and hydroproline) which are the most abundant amino acid in human’s skin collagen. CTP has excellent function in repairing damaged skin tissues as well as retaining skin moisture content.

HYTOLIVE® Olive Polyphenol

D-VINE is using technology from Spain for Olive extraction. Olive extraction that offers high purity of natural hydroxytyrosol which is a strong antioxidant to fight free radicals. High bioavailability can be detected in the blood several minutes after consumption. It is natural extraction without usage of any chemical solvents.


D-VINE is using special Pomegranate, Granada Mollar De Elche for Spain. It is rich in powerful polvphenols
that are effective in anti-aging, whitening, photoprotection and anti-acne. Pomegranate extract encapsulated by patented ADS nanotechnology to retain higher stability and solubility of all nutrients in the formulation and higher absorption by human body.

D-VINE Collagen Functions

Skin Firming


Surppress Acne Production

VIQUA® Pomegranate Extract

Sweep Away Wrinkles


Skin Whitening

VIQUA® Pomegranate Extract

Sun Protection

VIQUA® Pomegranate Extract + HYTOLIVE®

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