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D-VINE Collagen

1/3 ★ Reducing Wrinkles & Fine Lines

★ Reducing Acnes

★ Making Skin Firmer & Elastic

★ Whitening & Brightening

★ Sun Protection

D-VINE Frequently Asked Questions

What is D-VINE?

D-VINE is a chewable supplement tablet that has beauty formula formulated with Collagen-Tripep 20 collagen tripetide, Viqua pomegranate extract, Hytolive olive polyphenol, and so on to make the skin smooth, white, shiny and healthy.

What is the main ingredient of D-VINE

The main ingredient of D-VINE is collagen. Other than that, it also contains olive polyphenol extract, pomegranate extract, and silk peptide.

What makes D-VINE different from other collagen supplement products?

Its main ingredients are Collagen Tripetide (CTP), VIQUA® Pomegranate Extract and HYTOLIVE® Olive Polyphenol. CTP can be absorbed directly by the intestinal tract, hence giving better and faster results of collagen supplementation.

What is the function of olive polyphenol?

Olive polyphenol is a natural extract from olive fruit. It is high in antioxidants with high ORAC value which has the ability to protect our skin from adverse effects of UV radiation by reducing inflammation and oxidative stress. Besides it also increase internal glutathione which enhances the photo-protective effect of skin cells.

What is the function of pomegranate extract in D-VINE?

Pomegranate extract in D-VINE can help to reduce the formation of melanin cells hence improve the skin tone. It can also block the sun radiation to react in the body and provide a complete photo-protection. Other than that, it also helps to reduce sebum production which will worsen the inflammation of acne. Hence, acne production will be suppressed.

What is the difference between Collagen peptide and Collagen tripetide (CPT)?

Collagen peptide is the hydrolyzed form of collaged. With its small molecular weight, the absorption into the bloodstream will be better upon disgestion. Meanwhile, CPT is the minimum unit of collagen which consists of 3 amino acids. It can be absorbed by the intestinal tract directly. CPT also helps in promoting new collagen and hyaluronic acid production in our body.

What are silk peptides and its benefits?

Silk peptides are manufactured using silk amino acids which are obtained from the cocoon of the SilkWorm. Sericin found to have excellent moisture binding properties, hence improving skin hydration.

What is the source of the collagen in D-VINE?

The collagen peptide source in D-VINE is from marine collagen.

Why do you choose marine collagen over other animal collagen as one of the D-VINE main ingredients?

Fish collagen consists of smaller peptides than bovine sources, so it is easier to digest, absorb, and distribute throughout the body.

What make it different from other collagen supplement products?

Incomparable to other collagen supplements, D-VINE is made from quality and imported active ingredients using high technology to ensure:

  • Retention of maximum nutrients for optimum efficacy
  • Direct absorption in the intestinal tract
  • High bioavailability activity

Is D-VINE a drug?

D-VINE is not a drug and it is not regulated by the Drug Contract Authority (DCA).

I am suffering from peeling and inflamed skin due to sunburn. Can I take D-VINE to reduce the inflammation?

Yes. D-VINE contains pomegranate extract which has anti-inflammation properties that helps to lessen the inflammation. It will block the melanin production, hence improving the skin tone. Besides, it also contains collagen that helps the skin to recover.

If I'm going to have surgery, can i consume D-VINE like usual?

As a guideline, stop taking any supplements 14 days before the surgery. Resume taking your supplement one month after the surgery if the wound has recovered fully, including the removal of dressing.

I have eczema. Can D-VINE help to make my skin better?

You may try. Eczema is a condition where patches of skin become rough, inflamed, red and cracked. D-VINE contains collagen and pomegranate extract which has anti-inflammatory properties that helps to reduce the symptoms and soothe the irritation of eczema patients.

Can D-VINE help in Psoriasis?

You may tri. Psoriasis is a chronic autoimmune condition that causes rapid buildup of skin cells that causes scaling on the skin surface. D-VINE has olive polyphenol which is known to be antioxidant that may help to relieve mild symptoms of Psoriasis. Collagen from D-VINE also helps in skin recovery.

Does D-VINE help in cellulite reduction?

Yes. D-VINE has collagen peptide that helps to improve the appearance of the cellulite thus improving the skin texture of the affected area.

Anymore questions regarding D-VINE?

If you have anymore questions that is not listed in the FAQ, kindly reach us through live chat at below left of the page, we will get back to you as soon as possible!

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