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SPIRO Frequently Asked Questions

What is SPIRO?

SPIRO is a healthy food that combines detoxification, repair and rejuvenate functions. SPIRO contains spinach, spirulina, chlorella, and other substances to help remove toxins, radiation, and heavy metals, regulate and restore intestinal cell function, promote digestion, and improve immune system health.

What is the function of SPIRO?

It helps detox bodies and removes heavy metals, improves the digestive system, releases harmful radiation, provides comprehensive nutrition for the body, strengthens the immune system, fight disease, promotes healthy skin, promotes metabolism, helps reduce weight, increases insulin sensitivity, increases activity antioxidant, and balances body pH.

Why do we need detox?

Detoxification can thoroughly cleanse the body, restructure the body’s system, help combat aging, balance body function, and promote overall health.

Why does the human body have toxins?

The toxin is actually a waste of excessive food. There are two main sources: metabolic waste from digestion and absorption of food; various pollutants from the environment deposited in the body. The human body is considered healthy if it is able to get rid of toxins quickly. If there is more waste that exceeds the burden of physical exclusion, it will be a health barrier.

How do I know that my body contains many toxins?

If your body has a lot of toxins, your body will have symptoms such as constipation, obesity, bad skin condition, bad breath, insomnia, allergies, endocrine disorders, menstrual pain, body odor, back pain and so on.

What is the specialty of SPIRO?

Made with natural ingredients. The ingredients include spirulina, spinach, chlorella, rich in nutrients, dietary fiber, and antioxidants. Able to see and feel the effect of detox 8-10 hours after consumption. No side effects and provide the steps of detox, repair, and rejuvenate. The first detox tablets in the world, do not need to be brewed into the water, can take them directly without drinking water. Easy convenient/portable, and take them whenever you need it. The brand has won various awards such as the Best Healthcare Brand Award, International Prestige Award, the Asia Pacific Super Health Brand Award, and so on.

Is SPIRO effective? How long can I see the effect?

It usually takes 8 hours to see the effect of detox (going to the toilet).

If some people are taking a lot of supplements/medicine in the night, can they take SPIRO in the morning?

Of course, the time of consumption can vary from person to person: Everyone’s routine and working hours are different, and they might be taking some other supplement/medicine too. In general, customers can see the effects of relief of gastrointestinal discomfort, constipation, and detoxification at about 8 to 10 hours after taking SPIRO.

What are the ingredients that help to detox?

The fiber in SPIRO helps in the removal of feces and toxins. SPIRO is free from laxative components.

After taking SPIRO for several weeks, the frequency of defecation is decreasing, is it because detoxification is getting less effective?

Reduction in defecation does not mean a reduction in detox function. It may be due to the body having detox most of the toxin or the body containing the little toxin. This will increase metabolism and reduce the absorption of toxins.

Is it safe for women to take SPIRO during menstruation?

Yes, because SPIRO is free from hormones, but a woman may feel more fatigue if she takes SPIRO during menstruation.

Is SPIRO effective in losing weight?

SPIRO can not be considered as a weight loss product because it does not contain senna, but it can help in losing weight. There are many factors why obesity may occur including genetics, edema, overeating, hormonal imbalance, indigestion or constipation. If the body is high in toxin or indigestion, SPIRO can help to eliminate it including excess fat, which may help a person to lose weight. SPIRO contains fibers that will slow down empty stomachs, thereby reducing appetite and this can help in control weight.

Can a person who wants to gain weight take SPIRO? Can detox help weight gain?

Of course, our body can absorb more nutrients after detoxification, hence it helps to increase weight after detox.

Is it safe to take SPIRO together with another supplement?

Yes, SPIRO will help other supplements to strengthen the body.

Is it safe to take SPIRO and other medicines?

SPIRO only contains natural ingredients, therefore it will not cause severe side-effects with drugs. It is recommended that people with a health problem take SPIRO at a low dose, which is one tablet a day, however, if a person undergoes treatment or taking medicines for chronic diseases such as high blood pressure or heart diseases, it is better if they refer to the doctor before taking SPIRO.

Dpes SPIRO have a product quality check?

Yes, SPIRO certified as safe and does not contain heavy metals, microorganisms, preservatives, or chemicals.

Anymore questions regarding SPIRO?

If you have anymore questions that is not listed in the FAQ, kindly reach us through live chat at below left of the page, we will get back to you as soon as possible!

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